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About Us

Welcome to Diaz Martial Arts (DMA) and Central Texas Boxing Academy

We would like to thank you for visiting our site seeing what DMA has to offer you.  DMA is the premier Martial Arts school in Central Texas.  As a student at DMA, you will be in great company for kids, teens, adults, law enforcement officers, and educator and fitness enthusiasts

Why DMA?

DMA provides the most practical Self Defense, Martial Arts program, Boxing Kick-Boxing/Thai Boxing, Grappling Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts and Weapon training programs around.  At DMA, we are committed to ensuring every student receives the very best in martial arts and practical training.  Our programs are well rounded, mixing practical street self defense concepts with the sport aspect of the martial arts while not forgetting about the philosophy of the martial arts.

Kids Program

DMA has the best kids program in Central Texas. Our kids programs start from the ages of 4 and up.  We have three basic rules here at DMA. 

Rule #1: kids should have fun when they're doing something. 
Rule #2: Students should be at their best when they're doing something. 
Rule #3: Students should try to improve every time they do something. 

We believe that classes should be fun, exciting, educational and challenging to our students.

Consistancy & Focus

We’ve found that the key to success is consistency and staying focused on your goals.   If you’re consistent in anything that you do you will get results no matter what the work out is.  Our programs have a way of pushing a student to challenge themselves mentally and physically.  You'll see that the classes are motivating, fun, exciting and educational, which brings out the best in our students and have them coming back for more. 

Certified Black Belt Instructors and Coaches

All of our instructors are certified and hand picked by Eddie Diaz the owner and chief instructor of both locations. Each instructor goes through the BBSI Instructors College and Certification course to become an instructor.  To ensure that the school meets the highest quality standards, the instructors continuously train in the latest and most effective fitness, nutritional, instructional exercise and teaching programs.  This guarantees the finest quality instructors are teaching the top martial arts program in the area.